School’s Out Forever review & bits and pieces

I’ve had more fun recovering from major surgery

Hello readers, here:s the link to my review of School’s Out Forever which is released on Monday 15th Feb. It’s fair to say I wasn’t impressed..!

Also, for those that missed it and want to have a (long) read about monster movies, here is part one

Terrifying gigantic woman. Oh, and a gorilla.

…and part two.

Pictured: It’s an Alien, NOT a bloody ‘xenomorph’!

This month we’ve been doing a chronological watch of the MCU. Well, almost chronological. I skipped Captain Marvel, because a) she doesn’t turn up again for umpteen movies and it probably just have confused Mrs Fisk Film who is not a comics fan and b) well… it’s a bit pants, really. The funny bit’s are good, but once it turns into a spangly, overpowered CGI fest it just feels lame. We will watch it, but in between Infinity War and Endgame where it makes more sense.

Viewing the movies this way works well. For one thing, like it or not the MCU is very televisual. Watching it in order on TV, picking up all the links between the stories feels more engaging. I still think the series peaks with the triple whammy of Avengers, Winter Soldier and Civil War. I love the closure to Cap’s story in Endgame, but I didn’t feel engaged with the Thanos saga the first time around. Maybe this will be different. I’ll probably do a ‘listicle’ about it. Sneak preview: Iron Man 2 is way, way at the bottom. Sheesh.

Also watched Greenland on Amazon Prime. Good to see Gerard Butler acting again rather than shouting and punching things. It’s okay, but if you want to see a quieter Butler performance in an exciting, fun film, then I’d go for Hunter Killer instead. And just saying, the key plot point that much of Greenland‘s story hangs on is just bad parenting. Some things, you always double check. Life saving medicine for your kid is one of those things. Still, there are a couple of scenes in the film that are really well executed and stick with you after the credits roll.

Have also been nerding out with a lot of Doctor Who YouTube videos. It’s freaking me out that there are adults presenting these ‘video essays’ talking about how nuWho affected their childhoods. Sixteen years is a long time.

There have been some incredible highs in that time, which make the current state of the show all the more galling. If it’s true that Jodie Whittaker is leaving at the end of the next series, then I hope the BBC recognises how successful (and lucrative) the show has been for them and backs it, preferably replacing Chris Chibnall as show-runner. Even if they slash the budgets, the show could survive and thrive, provided it has decent writers. Not an original point of view, I know, but nothing seems to be working at the moment and there is little respect for what’s gone before, whether that’s The Timeless Children or the character of The Master.

Please don’t cancel the show, BBC. It’s lasted almost sixty years on (mostly) tiny budgets and shonky effects. Spend the money on creative talent and just film everything in a quarry. That worked great for years.

Whatever happens, at least we have absolutely perfect television like Blink and The Day of the Doctor. Yes we’re living in a golden age of TV, and those episodes are the equal of anything you can see elsewhere.

Until next time, people. I’ll leave you with Jack Black auditioning to replace Chris Hemsworth as Thor, which is my favourite thing on the internet at the moment.

Fisk Film out.

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