Host (2020) Review

Hello! I want to talk about a movie which, as I write, deservedly holds a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Host, released on July 30th, might be the most topical film I’ve seen. It takes place on the Zoom video app and under the UK COVID-19 lockdown (which may or may not still be inContinue reading “Host (2020) Review”

Uncut Gems review

Watching Uncut Gems is like having your face aggressively rubbed into a filthy nylon carpet while Aqua’s Barbie Girl is played painfully loudly on repeat. The protagonist is an irredeemable scumbag with absolutely no likeable qualities. He loves two things only: money, and the adrenaline buzz of taking moronically huge risks to make more money. A lot of the supporting characters are deeply unpleasant too.

And yet, it’s brilliant.

Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot Review

  Absolutely delighted to say that this review was featured on the excellent Live for Films site.  Check them out! Having been a huge fan of Kevin Smith since 1997’s Chasing Amy, it was frustrating having to wait until the streaming release of Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot. I’m happy to say, that wait wasContinue reading “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot Review”

Midsommar Review

So, Ari Aster. On his Wikipedia page, the American director is described as being obsessed with horror movies. In 2018, he released Hereditary, its masterful trailer drawing me in as surely as Freddy Krueger is pulled into a teenage dream. It’s disappointing then, that the most interesting thing about the film turned out to beContinue reading “Midsommar Review”

JoJo Rabbit Review

(Mild spoilers for early scenes in the film.  The short version is: go see it, it’s fantastic). There’s a scene in JoJo Rabbit in which a ten-year-old boy is forced to look at the hanging corpses of people executed as traitors. That might be the best way to sum up this blackly funny film. TaikaContinue reading “JoJo Rabbit Review”

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